Blizzard and TeSPA team-up to promote college gaming groups

College students in North America can rejoice, Blizzard is teaming up with The eSports Association (TeSPA) to provide amazing benefits and tangible rewards to collegiate videogame groups, clubs and societies with their all new Membership Milestone program. With this program, registered college organizations receive additional rewards and perks the more members they have in their local chapter.

Here’s a breakdown of the Membership Milestone program:


  • Local Chapter Website
  • Mailing List
  • How-To Manual
  • Member T-Shirt + Key Cap

25 Members

  • Getting Started Pack!
  • Website Goes Public
  • First Shipment!
  • Bounty Board Key

40 Members

  • Vinyl Banner
  • Swag Packs Unlocked!
  • Social Media Support
  • Partnered Stream

65 Members

  • Event Sponsorship (1/yr): $300
  • Equipment Inventory Access
  • Product Sponsorship Pack (1/year)
  • StarCraft II In-Game Portraits
  • Heroes of the Storm In-Game Reward*

80 Members

  • Upgraded Equipment Inventory
  • Pizza Party Unlocked
  • Additional Swag Pack!
  • Hearthstone In-Game Reward*

100 Members

  • Additional Product Sponsorship (1/year)
  • Banner Stand with YOUR Logo
  • College Highlight Showcase!
  • Front Page Article

150 Members

  • Event Sponsorship: $400
  • Ultimate Swag Packs
  • Heroes of Storm In-Game Reward*

200 Members

  • Event Sponsorship: $500
  • Skype Call with a Special Guest
  • Signed Gear Package

300 Members

  • Special Guest Meet And Greet
  • Chapter Hall Of Fame
  • Swag Pack Reinforcements

*Membership Benefits are subject to Terms and Conditions and may be modified. Certain benefits (marked) are not immediately available and may not be available until the following academic year.

So as you can see, the Membership Milestone program is a lot like playing with blocks or Legos; the more you have, the better things get! To register your college and create a new chapter, fill out the TeSPA online application and you’ll be contacted shortly after to make things official.  To learn more about the Membership Milestone program benefits click here. If you think your college already has a chapter and you wish to be a part of it, track down your school on the TeSPA communities page.

Happy gaming!