GAMEVIL announces Closed Beta Test for Pocket Gunfighters

To all Gunslingers, Pirates, Jarheads and Spy’s, your services are hereby requested to help test out the new free-to-play quirky action shooter from Gamevil and Free Range Games, Pocket Gunfighters.

Gamers of all ilk from hardcore to casual are invited to take part in Gamevil’s Closed Beta Test of Pocket Gunfighters.  Set on a journey through space and time, players will encounter more’n 50 gunfighters set in classic Hollywood themes such as Western, Pirate, Yakuza, Jarhead, Spy and many, many more.  Once set out to save the world from complete and utter annihilation, players will need to round up their kin folk for an ultimate team of 3 to dodge attacks and line up combos.

Various perks and limited time offers will be given to pardners in the Closed Beta Test once the game officially launches.  Sign ups and additional details can be found at Gunfighters is scheduled to launch on both the App Store and Google Play in mid-March.

Please visit for more details.  Don’t be yella’ and hurry on over, ya hear?