New mobile game helps fight cancer!

Who ever thought playing videogames would one day help in the fight against cancer?

Cancer Research UK recently released their groundbreaking game Play to Cure: Genes in Space. This revolutionary mobile game allows gamers all over the world to help scientists understand gene data in an effort to answer some of cancer’s toughest questions.

The game itself is simple, yet fun and for a good cause. Players get to customize their own spaceship, map their route and fly through space destroying asteroids, while collecting a rare space element dubbed ‘Element Alpha’. Element Alpha allows gamers to modify their ship and level-up, unlocking additional content and upgrades.

How Play to Cure: Genes in Space works is that every time a player steers their spaceship towards more Element Alpha, the route they take is translated into information which is then sent to Cancer Research UK scientists, ingeniously providing them with an analysis  of variations in gene data.

According to a press release by Cancer Research UK, “Scientists need this information to work out which genes are faulty in cancer patients – so they can develop new drugs that target them, speeding our progress towards personalized medicine.”

You can start your fight against cancer today by downloading Play to Cure: Genes in Space for free, available on Android and iOS mobile devices. Together our free moments of play can help figure out cancer once and for all!