OMG Zombies gets a Steam release date

There goes the neighborhood...

OMG Zombies! Not only is the statement highly relevant, it’s also the name of the particular brand of zombies that are coming to feast on our brains. The popular PS Vita puzzle-shooter OMG Zombies has been given a release date for Steam: 13th February 2014. That’s just around the corner! Best go stock up on canned beans and wrap some barbed wire around your baseball, cricket or rounders bat, depending on preference.

The game will cost $4.99, and is, for those unaware, a spiritual sequel to the critics’ darling OMG-Z, and is well known for being highly addictive. A stylish monochrome art style has helped win the hearts of zombie apocalypse survivors, along with clever, puzzling gameplay. 13th of February – mark it in your calendars!