Preorder Dark Souls II for early access to Black Armor weapons

It has been reported by ShackNews that pre-ordering Dark Souls II will grant players access to “Black Armor” weapons and armor right from the game’s outset.

The “Black Armor” set includes the Black Flamestone Dagger, Black Flamestone Parma, Yellow Quartz Longsword, Yellow Quartz Shield, Bound Hand Axe, Bound Wooden Shield, Homunculus Mace, Homunculus Wooden Shield, the Transgressor’s Staff, and a Leather Shield. Players will also be able to grab these items by playing the game normally, but we’re assuming that having access to these items a little earlier in the game will make the experience a little easier at the outset. Strange decision from the publishers, considering the sadistic bunch that Dark Souls players are.

Dark Souls II will be available on March 11th.

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