Dungeon Keeper free on GOG.com

Wait, you are still reading this? What are you doing? Get over to GOG.com and grab Dungeon Keeper for free! AND you can grab Dungeon Keeper 2 at 75% off.

With today being Valentine’s Day, GOG.com is running a promo on multiplayer games with up to 90% regular price. So you can play some games with your sweetheart and not break the bank. GOG.com has a bunch of other games on sale too this weekend. There are quite a few Dungeons & Dragons style games like Neverwinter Nights 2 and Planescape: Torment on sale at 80% off regular price.

Okay, so seriously. Head over to GOG.com and pick up some deeply discounted games, and don’t forget Dungeon Keeper! This is a way better free to play game than that money-grubbing version on your iPad.