New Rock- and Fairy-type Pokemon Diancie revealed, has major bling

The Pokemon Company International has revealed a new, super rare Pokemon for gamers to wonder how to obtain so they can complete their Pokedex. Named Diancie, this Rock/Fairy-type Pokemon cannot be found during a normal playthrough. Diancie is obviously the most fabulous Pokemon to date, glittering pink like nobody’s business. By compressing air between its hands, Diancie can summon a multitude of diamonds to attack its enemies.

How do regular gamers like you and me get Diancie? We all have to wait and see, as the Pokemon Company International has said details on how to obtain the elusive Pokemon will be revealed at a later date (my guess is an event of some kind). You can check out Diancie in action below, where it blinds foes with its dazzling sparkles and shoots giant laser beams to finish them off. I absolutely need Diancie; what about you readers?

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