Gamestop to give away Jimi’s ‘Foxey Lady’ for Bandfuse: Rock Legends

As a special promotion, Gamestop will be providing purchasers of Bandfuse: Rock Legends with DLC codes for Jimi Hendrix’s funky psychedelic rock hit ‘Foxey Lady’ (at least his guitar playing was a hell of a lot better than his spelling). The iconic sixties tune will be available for players to work on as a guitarist, bassist, vocalist or as a band; but it won’t be just any version of the song. Oh no. It’s the mind-melting live version from the 1968 Miami Pop Festival (footage of which can be seen below, enjoy).

The game also features other Hendrix tracks, along with the likes of The Offspring, Yes, Boston and Incubus, and prides itself on being made by musicians, for musicians. There are also appearances from the likes of Slash and Bootsy Collins, so for any rock fans, this one isn’t to be missed. The game is available to purchase now, and the promotion, which is also on now, will last until March 28. Groovy baby.