Tomba! 2: The Great Adventure finally makes its way to the PSN…in Japanese

For those of us gamers who wanted Tomba! 2: The Great Adventure to finally be available in the U.S., the wait is over! The sequel to the original cult hit Tomba!, The Great Adventure can be downloaded through the PSN for $9.99 for the PS3, Vita, and PSP (any of you guys still have a PSP?).

Publisher MonkeyPaw Games has worked their asses off to get Tomba! 2 to its fans in North America. One important thing to note: Tomba! 2 is an import of the original Japanese title. This is fine if you are fluent in Japanese, but for players who aren’t, MonkeyPaw Games has guides and help with translation on their website.

Continuing after the events of the original title, Tomba! 2 sees the titular hero living a happy, swine-free life when he gets a letter that his friend has been kidnapped. Not taking this lying down, Tomba! goes to investigate the disappearance of his buddy (by torturing pigs, most likely).

So how does Tomba! 2 improve on Tomba!? It has better graphics, more diverse missions, and special suits that grant Tomba! special abilities. Check out this Wolverine/Flying Bat Thingee one!

Tomba! 2 is part of the Retro Rush event from MonkeyPaw Games that will see six PSone titles release on the PSN in the first quarter of 2014. More info on this “rush” can be found here. Anyone been waiting a long time for this platforming goodness and downloading it as we speak?!

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