The Legend of Zelda played through the Oculus Rift posted this video of from YouTuber Vaecon playing the original NES The Legend of Zelda on an Oculus Rift. You might be asking yourself, “How the heck do you play an NES game in 3-D”? Go first-person.

That’s right, developer Ubiquitron is working on a first-person remake of the NES classic, and the video below shows off what you can expect from the project. The Legend of ZeldaVR is currently in beta, but a full version is expected to release next month for PC and Mac.

This alone opens the door to a ton of remakes, but Ubiquitron will see no profit from this project. Because this is a trademarked commercial product by Nintendo, the dev must release it for free. But who knows, through the proper support, maybe we could see more classic NES remakes for the Oculus Rift.