South Park: The Stick of Truth to be censored in Europe

The upcoming South Park video game, based on Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s much-loved (and often reviled) comedy creation, will be censored for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The changes will only affect the console versions of the game, with the PC version unaffected by Ubisoft’s hacking and slashing.

Eric can't quite believe it either

According to Eurogamer, about seven scenes have been altered, each about twenty seconds long. These include a mini game in which the player receives an abortion, another mini game in which the player performs an abortion on Randy Marsh (??) and no less than five anal probing scenes. It is likely that the censorship is an attempt to ensure the title gets a release in Germany, a country which tends to have much harsher rules and regulations when it comes to video games.

At least Matt and Trey have had an input in the alterations, with the scenes being replaced by an image and descriptive text chosen by the duo. While this will likely appease most players, some fans may be left saying, “screw you-bisoft, I’m going home…”