Batman: Arkham Origins gets some rather chilly DLC this April

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced today that our favorite icy bad guy, Mr. Freeze, is getting DLC centered around him for Batman: Arkham Origins. Entitled Cold, Cold Heart, this expansion will tell the tragic origin story of Freeze and how he came to fight the man dressed as a bat.

Check out this “cool” teaser trailer that involves an award ceremony being iced!

Cold, Cold Heart will take place across various Gotham City locales (including Bruce’s house!). What’s more, Batman gets his very own powerful Batman Extreme Environment (XE) suit and new gadgets including the Thermal Gloves and Thermocharged Batarangs to fight the almighty iced one. The campaign promises several hours of content that will surely include snow at some point, as well as the first ever encounter between Freeze and Batman.

Cold, Cold Heart will be releasing April 22nd, as either a standalone download or part of the Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass. The DLC will be available for the 360, PS3, and Steam (sorry, Wii U owners, I feel your pain). I leave you, dear readers, with this, because I am obligated to by law…

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