Release dates and a dramatic new trailer revealed for The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 2 – “A House Divided”

Telltale Games has a present for all of their Walking Dead fans: a trailer for the upcoming The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 2 – “A House Divided.” Watch the drama unfold yourselves below!

I bet you all are dying to find out when this beauty is coming out! “A House Divided” will launch Tuesday, March 4th for the PlayStation 3 via the PSN and through Steam, the Telltale Games online store, and other digital distribution for PC in North America for $4.99 individually or as part of the title’s Season Pass, which gives gamers access to Episodes 1-5 as they come out.

Great news, but what about 360, iOS, and European PSN users? Telltale only mentioned that dates for these platforms will be confirmed shortly, and to check @telltalegames on Twitter for updates. Damn, and I just replaced my old, broken 360 with an Xbox 360 E unit and wanted to play!

At least Vita owners got some good news: The Walking Dead: Season Two is looking to release on the handheld at the end of March. Like its console and PC siblings, the Vita will see Episode 1 and Episode 2 available for $4.99 by themselves or as part of the Season Pass.

More information about Season Two can be found at the game’s website. Anyone big fans of the comic, show, or game excited to see this coming so soon?

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