Infamous: Second Son meta game

Would you like to earn “Karmic Points” ahead of the release for Infamous: Second Son?  Well, the studio behind this upcoming game, Sucker Punch, has started a viral campaign/meta game.  Many writers in the games press have gotten letters and packages containing information for “conduits” which are people with powers from the Infamous universe.

Aside from entertaining reading some of these sites are providing “Karmic Points” for your Infamous play through.  These will be points you can use to change whether you are good or bad.  Just like in previous Infamous games, depending on which side of the line you are on your powers will differ.

Here are a list of sites obtained by IGN that have so far been discovered:

  • This site allow you to register for something called “Infamous Paper Trail,” link it to your PSN account and earn Karmic Points in Infamous: Second Son.

IGN has also set up a Wiki for further information on this meta game.