TVGB’s preview of The Last Tinker: City of Colors



The Last Tinker: City of Colors is a gorgeous, fun to play, 3D-platformer for the PC that was voted “Best Project 2012″ in the “Selected Project Contest” at the 2011 Game Connection Europe. This beautifully illustrated game let’s you explore Tinker World, a place where anything can be created out of paper, color and glue, just as long as the idea behind it is strong enough. The City of Colors is where color has always been made and all of the city’s denizens have their favorite color and personality. Recently, the city changed, causing all the citizens to become sad, fearful or angry. As a result, the city has split up into separate districts: blue, green and red. The only place to truly live in harmony is at the outer region of the City of Colors. And that is exactly where the main character, a monkey boy named Koru, resides. In the opening sequence it shows that Koru has a very special ability that causes him to destroy the City of Colors. However, the specifics of this power were not revealed.


This is Koru. I know he does not look like much initially, but Koru is a great fighter, athletic and adept at helping others. He is capable of “Tinkering” which allows him to create new things in the world. I did not get to experience any of that but it is mentioned by one of the characters that Koru tinkered for in the past. Tinkering might be the “mysterious” ability he uses to destroy the City of Colors but I do not know for sure.


The Outer District.

This is the outer district in The Last Tinker: City of Colors. It is here that all colors can live in peace. Notice the separate districts: blue, green and red. In the City of Colors, these districts are physically separated from one another. As I was playing however, colored discord and conflict was spreading little by little into the outer districts.


Blue District.

This is the Blue District. According to the opening sequence, blue is supposed to be all about fortitude. But the change that happened in the City of Colors, has made blue the color of sadness.


Green District.

This is the Green District. Before the corruption that set into the City of Colors, the color green represented curiosity! Now however, the color green represents fear.


Red District.

The Red District. The color red used to be a symbol of strength within the City of Colors, but now symbolizes aggression and anger. I found this aggression in the Outer Districts when I played, hinting that it is only a matter of time before the rest of the colors become corrupted.

See Koru in action with this pretty sweet gameplay video that debuted at Gamescom 2013.

I had a lot of fun playing this game. Though, I am slightly annoyed that the preview ended JUST as the plot began to get good. I finished the intro area, got excited about the story that was unfolding and then the game ended… talk about a cliff hanger.

The controls took me a minute to get used to. They are a mix of left and right clicks combined with the space bar. You move with the WASD keys, but you have the option to connect an XBOX 360 controller and play with that if you prefer.  My only complaints are the irritating voices ALL the characters make when they talk. They sound like someone squeezing those stuffed animals with squeak toys in them whenever you have a conversation. Gameplay wise, The Lask Tinker: City of Colors is solid. There are fun fight scenes, puzzles and quests to go on that you can only find in an adventure game. So this was a refreshing game to play in more than ways than one.

Look forward to playing The Last Tinker: City of Colors coming out for PC sometime during the second quarter of 2014 (April, May, June) via Steam. I’m going to try and score a review-worthy copy, so look forward to that as well. For more screen shots and info about the game, check out the official website. And thanks to Mimimi Productions for giving us a chance to preview the game.