Go beyond death with Dark Souls II launch trailer

Dark Souls 2 hits  the PS3 and Xbox 360 today.  To celebrate this, Namco Bandai Games has released a launch trailer, laying clear the game’s inevitable: “You will die.”

For those familiar with the series, death is no stranger to you.  Here, the trailer’s narrator urges you to embrace death and “be something less than human, but more than mortal.”  For those of you playing the game already: I wish you luck.  For the rest of us, enjoy the trailer below until you have the opportunity to meet your maker, multiple times.

The music is a bit catchy, no? Dark Souls 2 was released in North America today for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (March 13 for Japan and March 14 for the rest of the world).  Expect a PC release at the end of next month, April 25.