Move over LEGO – K’NEX releasing line of Titanfall building sets

Titanfall’s Xbox One debut might be running in 792p, but its K’nex debut will be in a rods-and-cones crushing 576,000,000p – that’s the resolution of the human eye, if the human eye was a digital camera. Hmmm…maybe elective cybernetic surgery could be an officially licensed tie-in for Titanfall 2? But for now we’ll just have to settle for an awesome assortment of giant robot building sets.

K’nex, no stranger to video game franchises (see: Angry Birds, Super Mario, Mario Kart, Plants vs Zombies), has partnered with Respawn Entertainment to bring the studio’s inaugural 17+ game to the 8 and up crowd. At this year’s New York Toy Fair, they showed off the Militia Pilot Attack and IMC Pilot Strike sets ($12.99 each), the Angel City Escape set ($44.99) and the pièce de résistance of mechanized mayhem – the sprawling Ultimate Angel City Campaign set ($99.99), featuring two 12″ Titans and six figures (Pilots and Spectres) battling against the bombed-out backdrop of Angel City, complete with working weapons and stationary turrets.

I know these sets are billed for ages 8+, and that I am so far into the “+” that I’ve almost rounded back on the “8” again – don’t think about it (I clearly didn’t, an early warning sign of my inevitable decent into dementia) – but I think I made my case in the first paragraph. Giant. Robots. *drops microphone* The first six sets will hit store shelves in late June / early July, which should give you enough time to save up for the 1,200+ piece megaset.