Pay what you want for IndieGala supreme bundle

The folks over at The IndieGala are offering a new Supreme Bundle going on from now until March 30.  This bundle gives you at least three games as long as you pay at least a dollar or more: The 2D RPG Battlepaths, a top-down street racer Little Racers STREET, and the relaxing puzzle game KAMI.  If you decide to spring a little more, paying any amount over $5.99 gets you five more games! These include the first-person game Probably Archery, 2D side-scroller Humanity Asset, an RTS Supreme Commander and its expansion Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, and a strategy action game Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising.

Little Racers STREET is the only game that got a lukewarm review via Metacritic (of the games that had reviews), but if you’re looking for some games to play, I’d say this isn’t a bad lot here.  All of the games except for Battlepaths are available on Steam and range for $4-15 dollars individually, so you’d be getting a great deal for sure even if you splurged a little.  However much you choose to pay, you get to decide where you money goes to: you can split it however you want between the developers, the IndieGala website, their video game project GalaProjectX, or the AbleGamers charity for gamers with disabilities.  So far, the bundle has raised over $21,000 with more than 5,000 bundles purchased, with the most donated by one user currently at $360.  So go check it out already!