Rage through the ages with RAGE WAR

The next generation Browser and Mobile MMO strategy game is coming from XS Software – play through 7 different ages of the human civilization – each with their own exciting features. The periods are only “loosely” based on actual history: with each era becoming an imaginative departure from reality. Visualize yourself on the back of a saber tooth tiger while hunting your prey – or riding a the famous flying machine drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci so long ago; Then combine these fantasies with a solid game economy, original graphics, and innovative gameplay on your tablet or PC. Rage War does not make compromises when it comes to the fun and quality of your gaming experience.
Rage War is the latest Browser game from XS Software – A pioneer studio based in the small country of Bulgaria specializing in browser games for over 10 years. They are a well known international developer for good reason: currently over 35 million registered gamers are playing one of their many titles. Long time leaders such as Khan Wars and Lady Popular are champions of the free-to-play market, but some of their newer games such as the epic the 3D Browser game Andromeda 5, which brings fresh mechanics from the Unity3D Engine, are also making an impact on the free-to-play landscape.

For now, they are focused on making Rage War the best free-to-play game in its genre. The evolution of both technology and user experience is a key innovation for XS Software to showcase in their game. Here are the details behind the game itself:

Battles and Strategy
Before we started development we knew that one of the most engaging and addicting elements would need to be the battles. We are big fans of several of the well-known tactical games from large publishers; but for some reason no one had combined the best features into one game. We decided to take some of the ideas that we love combined them into a perfect balance for Rage War.
Rage War is not the regular strategy game. Instead it takes the strategic finesse of a game like chess (where you have multiple units of warriors with different abilities) and combines it with a “reverse tower defense” play style (like if you played Plants vs. Zombies as a Zombie). In the game you have two separate strategies you are accountable for: Attack and Defense.


Prior to attacking you can scout your enemy’s city and decide where they are most vulnerable, then choose to attack from multiple positions. Once you choose your approach, you can control the formation of your army on the battlefield by strategically placing your units in the optimal design for attack. As soon as the battle begins, you watch your army attempt to take over your competitor’s defense and further tweak your attacks based on how effective they were against the defender’s buildings. This “reversed tower defense” warfare element makes the game tactically challenging and extremely exciting to play.
So in few words – Research your target, get to know him very well, and find his weak spots. Set up your attack carefully, chose the position of your units – and watch them destroy your enemy!

Your defense is what keeps your empire alive. Like in real warfare, you should always prepared and set up a predetermined elaborate defense to guard your castle. Scouts from the enemy will be fully aware of the protection you have taken so you must be ready at any time to ward off opposing armies. What is the most crucial aspect of defense? It is your castle – if the enemy army destroys your Castle you are temporarily frozen until you repair it (causing you to wait a certain amount of time and rely on your guild if you’re part of one.).
Develop Units and Buildings.
Battles are an integral part of the game-play experience in Rage War, but it was equally important for us to bring innovation to the individual Units and Buildings available in game. There are four main categories available to build: Infantry Units, Armored Units, Flying Units, and of course all types of Buildings. Each unit type has their own advantages/disadvantages that enable them to perform different operations during an attack/defense. Every unit knows his job, be sure of that. Here is the categories:

Infantry Units – These are your ground units – typically attacking everything that walks and moves. With them you can stop your enemy’s waves of attack or assault their buildings & structures. These are short and mid-range units that mainly attack other ground units such as Archers, Swordsman, Clubmen, Hunters, Marauders, etc… As with all units, they will evolve through the ages with upgrades to become more and more powerful.
Armored Units – These heavy units are more capable of enduring battle damage and are useful in destroying incoming infantry units with powerful strikes. These units include mounted riders (such as the The Saber-tooth rider and gilded Knights) and armored vehicles like Ballistas and (our favorite) durable Giant Turtles.
Flying Units – With Flying Units your creativity in warfare can reach new heights… These units are an efficient way to diversify your army with air combat in attack and defense. Examples include War Balloons, DaVinci style Flying Machines, and Zeppelins.
Buildings & Structures– The buildings you construct not only allow you to expand your city, but also offer important battle advantages. Developing a variety of buildings enables you to have a dynamic arsenal to back your tactics Examples include Defensive Walls, Archer Towers, and stationary Cannons.
Discover A Full World
The world of Rage War is designed to be a massive experience for both mobile and browser. Not only is there a complex competitive element, but also a full Solo campaign enabling you refine your skills and to wage your own crusade. Conquer lands, outposts, enemy camps, and castles on completely different islands. With every new acquisition of land your resources continue to grow, further strengthening your power.


Social & Trading System

In Rage War you can achieve a lot by yourself, but the victory is sweeter when you’ve invited friends to join in the experience. Helping a player start their city wins you and instant ally – which can make a pivotal difference in critical battles when you are low on resources. There is also an economic advantage to signing up for teams – called Guilds. Together you can join to defend or aid fellow Guild members who become devastated by war.
Rage Wars features a robust economic system to enable you to trade your way power. It is possible to play the entire game as a complete pacifist and instead of waging war simply to use your economic gains and straight out buy new kingdoms. If used strategically, the trade system can make you the richest most powerful city without lifting a sword. The choice between warrior and trader is yours – freedom is everything!

For now this is the information known about this game. While developing, XS Software has started a crowd-funding kickstarter campaign to boost the game production. This is where we ask you to help fund the campaign, and make this unique concept a reality.
There are many exclusive awards for supporters, so check out the kickstarter page of Rage War, and watch the video with footage of the team and game itself.