Final Fantasy IV hits the Amazon App store out of nowhere (just like a randomized battle)

Square Enix has let the world know that their beloved classic, Final Fantasy IV, is now available on the Amazon App store for $15.99, for second generation or later Kindle Fire series/ Smartphones and Tablets supporting Android 2.3 or later (I get technical so you gentle readers can make an informed decision!).

Released originally back in 1991 on the SNES as Final Fantasy II and remade IN 3D! for the DS in 2008, Final Fantasy IV remains one of the most popular entries in the FF series, and one of my personal faves.

The Amazon version of FFIV has 3D graphics like the DS release, only optimized for mobile devices, touch screen controls, enhanced audio and voiceovers from the 2006 remake (how many versions of FFIV are there?!), and a difficulty level selection so even newbs can enjoy this blast from the past.

Gamers can download Final Fantasy IV: You Guys Have Been Waiting Forever For This To Hit Android here and can read up on all the Smartphone Final Fantasy titles here. Check out this screenshot with amazing dialogue:

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