Former Sony developers tease new indie game Viking Ghost

Industry veterans Andrew Marquis and John Lawrence have banded together to form the indie studio Dead Alien Cult, and from the looks of their debut game they are coming out swinging.  Viking Ghost is described as “a comical, story-driven, Arcade Action Adventure-Dual Stick Shooter-Dungeon Crawler-Rogue-Like-Lite” that lets you put the hurt on a myriad of monsters.  Taking inspiration both from classics like The Legend of Zelda as well as recent indie games such as The Binding of Issac, the game will focus on fighting monsters using multiple weapons and abilities, which can be upgraded over time as you gain experience.

Viking Ghost will have 8 different locations that randomly generate maps and enemies, keeping the game fresh every time you play.  While the game is still in pre-alpha, the studio has released a trailer to show you how they are coming along.  Both Marquis and Lawrence have worked on AAA games at Sony, including Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters and God of War III, so it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing.  If you like what you see, go vote for them on Steam Greenlight!

Viking Ghost is in development for PCs, as well as Mac and Linux users.  Now word yet on whether the game will make it to consoles.