Former mobile-only Deus Ex: The Fall lands on PC today

Remember when that fancy mobile game, Deus Ex: The Fall, came out and it looked intriguing and we all wondered if it would release on other platforms? Well, Square Enix has seen fit to release the title on PC today. Deus Ex: The Fall can be purchased via Steam for £7.99/€9.99/$9.99 right here, and has 28 Steam achievements, Steam Trading cards, adjusted AI, full keyboard and mouse functionality, Microsoft controller support, and other optimizations (SQUEEL!).

That man is indeed "down" (and dead)

Deus Ex: The Fall is actually out a week earlier than expected, and for a limited time gamers who purchase the title today will receive the original Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition for free (a £4.99/€6.99/$6.99 value)!


More information on The Fall can be found at its site, and there is a trailer below for your viewing pleasure. I like how it looks and enjoy the freebie of the original game IMMENSELY; what about you readers?

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