La-Mulana publisher releases trailer for new Wii U game, Abyss


Developer/publisher EnjoyUp released their game Abyss as a download on the DSiWare service last year, and yesterday they released a trailer showing that the game will soon make its way to the Wii U as well in an HD remake!  Abyss is a simple simulation game where you are tasked to find new resources for a dying earth in the year 3024.  You make your travels underwater in a biomechanical submarine called Nep2no that can withstand the extreme pressures of the ocean’s depths, searching for an energy source named “Gaia”  by navigating the water’s unknowns with the aid of only a small light source, watching out for hazards like falling rocks and other dangerous objects.

The Wii U version of Abyss will introduce 12 new missions, plus 8 missions in Dark mode.  It will also offer a competitive 2-player mode as well as a TV-off mode where you can play the game using the Wii U controller screen.  Check out the trailer to see some gameplay footage!  The studio is shooting for a release in late April/early May, so keep an eye out at the Nintendo Store later next month if you’re interested!