UPDATE / PS4 VR headset reports


Last night, we told you that Sony revealed their plans to develop a virtual reality headset at the Game Developers Conference yesterday.  An article over at TechCrunch has shed some light on the prototype’s specs revealed by Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, including:

  • 1080p display
  • 1000Hz motion detection
  • Positional head tracking handled by the PS4 camera

Unfortunately, it appears that only one headset will be supported at a time, and the headset is connected by a 5-meter (16.4-foot) wire.  Hopefully by the time the headset is ready for release, these problems can be addressed.  On the plus side, Sony seems to be addressing player comfort in that the headset will have an “Open Air” design that keeps the interior lens from fogging up.

Although Sony has been playing with the idea of VR for years, the gaming community’s response to the Oculus Rift seems to have really put the company in gear and push the idea.  Hopefully the rise in VR competition is going to be a very good thing, and will yield fruitful results for us gamers.  People are getting excited about the prospects of virtual reality again, and it’s not just gamers: NASA could design space rovers that can utilize this type of technology for finer control and visuals in the future, or perhaps doctors can use headsets to control robots in order to perform surgeries that require high levels of sterilization.  There is a vast number of possibilities that can make use of virtual reality, and the fact that the gaming community is pushing this idea shows that we have the drive to develop new technologies that is not only beneficial for entertainment purposes, but can be used in real-world applications as well.