BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode Two makes a splash onto consoles and PC today

2K and Irrational Games announced today that their final piece of DLC for BioShock Infinite, Burial at Sea – Episode Two, is now available to download worldwide (except Japan, where it will release later this year) on the PS3, PC, and 360. Gamers are reminded that they need a copy of BioShock Infinite to play this piece of downloadable content.

I am all about Dominatrixes and Gender-Benders

Developed by Irrational Games, Burial at Sea – Episode Two lets you play as the amazing Elizabeth (FINALLY) in a film noir-style story where gamers can choose stealth over massacring everything in their path. As Ken Levine, creative director of Irrational Games, says:

“I think the work the team did on this final chapter speaks for itself. We built something that is larger in scope and length, and at the same time put the player in Elizabeth’s shoes. This required overhauling the experience to make the player see the world and approach problems as Elizabeth would: leveraging stealth, mechanical insight, new weapons and tactics. The inclusion of a separate 1998 Mode demands the player complete the experience without any lethal action. BioShock fans are going to plotz.”

I certainly am going to plotz, Mr. Levine (whatever that means). Players can purchase Episode Two for $14.99 or get the BioShock Infinite Season Pass for $19.99, which gives them access to both episodes of Burial at Sea, the Clash in the Clouds add-on pack, and the Early Bird Special Pack that has powerful weapon upgrades, exclusive gold weapon skins, and infusion bottles to upgrade player abilities. This comes at more than a $35 value, so series fans should definitely spring for this option.

After recent developments, I look forward to getting a Season Pass and playing all the BioShock Infinite DLC with tears in my eyes, as well as crying for different reasons taking on 1998 Mode. What about you lovely readers?

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