Legends of Persia RPG starts Kickstarter project to fund its last leg

Independent developer Sourena Game Studio launched a Kickstarter campaign yesterday to get its new PC game, Legends of Persia, over a few last hurdles before release this summer.  Persia is already greenlit on Steam, and was even voted as #2 in the top five upcoming indie games last year.

Legends of Persia is an action/adventure RPG developed in the style of the Diablo franchise.  The game offers more than 8 hours of single-player content, with 3 heroes to choose from as well as vast customization options for your armor, weapons, and spells.  You will also find a rich crafting system, many different types of enemies, tough boss battles, and of course lots of treasure.

Legends of Persia is set for a June 2014 release for PC, but the developer needs a little help with the licensing costs for the game.  The Kickstarter campaign is only asking for $3000 total, and pledging a minimum of $15 will automatically get you a digital copy of the game once it is released.  Other rewards include beta access ($20), the game’s artwork/soundtrack ($30), and even the chance to have a game character named after you ($100).  The campaign is set to run now until May 4.  For more information, check out the Legends of Persia site, or head over to their page on Steam for announcements there as well.