Smite officially launched!


Smite, the online battleground where you play as gods, heroes and monsters of old, officially launched today. In celebration of this big event, players with accounts of at least level 10 were rewarded with 600 gems (approximately $12 worth of in-game currency) and a unique “Beta-Tester” icon. Players who got their accounts to level 30 got a special (and very wicked looking) skin for the popular god, Ymir, Father of the Frost Giants.

In addition to these fun release items for the players, Smite’s developer, Hi-Rez Studios, created a cinematic launch trailer and an infographic showcasing statistics and facts about the beta test. Check both out below.


Download Smite today. You will have over 50 different gods to play (with more coming) that are straight out of history books, ancient mythologies and cultural lore.

Here is a few of the more well known characters in Smite:

Zeus – Greek God of the Sky

Sun Wukong – Chinese Monkey King

Cupid – Roman God of Love

Anubis – Egyptian God of the Dead

Kali – Hindu Goddess of Destruction

To download Smite or to learn more about the gods and its gameplay , check out the official website.

I’ll see you on the battleground!