Celebrate God of War: Ascension’s first year anniversary by grabbing free goodies


Santa Monica Studios celebrates a milestone for one of its flagship games this week by thanking its players. God of War: Ascension, which launched March of last year for the PlayStation 3, offers a massive amount of free goodies in the PlayStation Store and other avenues:

  • All add-on downloadable content (DLC) which includes:
    • 27 weapons
    • 14 sets of armor
    • 9 capes
    • 4 tattoos
    • A 48-hour bonus experience booster
  • Capability to play as the “Marked One,” which includes:
    • The “Marked One” tattoo
    • Santa Monica Studio cape

Get all weapons, armors, capes, and tattoos to beat opponents in style!

The DLC content are all downloaded easily via the PlayStation Store; adding the God of War: Ascension Ultimate DLC Bundle will save time in putting all 30+ individual items on the shopping cart and checking out.

Do not miss this chance to be able to play as the "Marked One."

The “Marked One” items, however, takes more work than just purchasing them on the PlayStation Store. The one and only way to grab these freebies, is to participate in the God of War: Ascension’s official thread and answer one question: “If you were the God of War, what would be the very first thing YOU would do?” A PlayStation Store voucher code for these items will be mailed to all participants’ PlayStation Network accounts starting next week.

In addition to the freebies, all experience boosters in the PlayStation Store are half off for the duration of the celebration, which helps a ton if the 48-hour experience boost is not enough time.

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To find out more about God of War: Ascension, visit its official website.

Image credit: http://blog.us.playstation.com/