Let’s make this Power Glove oven mitt happen, and then let’s make cookies!

There’s currently an Indiegogo crowd-sourcing campaign for an oven mitt that looks like a Power Glove, not to be confused with the already available Power Glove oven mitt. That version was made of fabric, while this version is made of sweet, sweet silicone. And it’s waterproof. And it’s got individual fingers. And while the mittens (more warmth) vs. gloves (more dexterity) debate rages on in colder climates, I think we can all agree this mitt looks a whole hell of a lot better as a glove. It’s so bad.

At $39 each, roughly 450 people have to order one for them to get made – as I type this, there’s a still a little more than a month on the clock to raise the $18,000 needed to make this revolutionary oven interface a reality. If 1,500 people order one, they’ll make a left-handed version which is nice for the much maligned 15% of people who are left-handed. Then again, I read a study that said left-handed people are 15% richer than right-handed people, 26% if they went to college. So quit your bitchin’ about doors and scissors and spiral-bound notebooks all you southpaws, and go buy two now! No seriously, hurry. Studies have also found you die sooner.