Sonic teams up with Link in Lost World DLC

IGN announced today that Sonic Lost World will be getting new DLC tomorrow, March 27, letting players take on a Legend of Zelda-inspired adventure.  Check out the trailer below for some game footage, but it looks like you’ll be teaming up with Link on his Crimson Loftwing, running around Hyrule, and taking on Deku scrubs and Stalchildren, all while collecting rupees.  Sonic is even costumed in Link’s tunic for the level.  This, in addition to the previously released Yoshi’s Island DLC, is making for a lot of fun crossovers in the Sonic universe.

The DLC will be available for download (for free!) on Nintendo’s WiiU eShop starting tomorrow.  For more information on the Sonic Lost World base game, check out our site’s review for the game!