Tropico trailer suggests nukes, tri-cornered hats

Beloved despot-simulator series Tropico has dropped a new trailer for the release of it’s fifth installment, one which something smacks of family fun on the high seas.

The piratical-colonial theme of the trailer hints at new features for Tropico 5, which begins in the island’s colonial history. El Presidente will start from muchos humble beginnings as he extends his influence throughout time to the modern era. He also extends it across genetic boundaries, securing positions of power (ambassadorships, military command, statue distribution industries…) for his familia. Alongside all that sweet sweet nepotism comes re-vamped trading mechanics, tech trees, island exploration, and, a first for the series, multiplayer, which is sure to give an accurate picture of cold war politics among friends by destroying valuable relationships and fostering passive aggression.

If all this sounds too good to be true and you just can’t wait to get a-dictatin’ then the beta signup can be foundĀ here.