Age of Wushu comes to Steam

Chinese developer Snail Games is making the journey west with its martial arts MMO Age of Wushu, which releases today, March 27th, on Steam. The mulitplayer kung-fu fantasy gives players the chance to traverse across a faithful recreation of ancient China, filled with grand temples, a sprawling recreation of the Gobi Desert, and one can only assume, a wide array of tiger-based aphrodisiacs (looking at you, Steam modders).

Players registering through Steam will receive an exclusive title as well as several items, including the obviously helpful “Life Extending Pill,” “Silver Coins” and “Dayun Horse,” and the more confounding “Palpitation Relieving and Vital Energy Regulating Pill.” The last is perhaps intended to relieve hyper-ventilating newbies as they fend off hordes of crouching tigers and iron monkeys.

The game’s combat seeks to replicate favorite kung-fu epics like Hero and Ip Man through a rock-paper-scissors based kung-fu system with an emphasis on the spectacular. For more info you can visit the official site here or find the game on Steam after 4p.m. (pst).