Call of Duty Extinction: Episode 2: Mayday trailer released

Requiring an unseemly number of colons to announce, Infinity Ward has unleashed a new trailer for the next episode in the Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction gametype. Slavering fans will clash with slavering aliens aboard a floating research station dedicated to understanding the freedom-hating alien threat, though (and you’ll never guess this part) it seems a few specimens might have escaped. Players will encounter new weapons and items to combat the orange beasties, and will also encounter new threats, such as wall-climbing Seeders and king-sized Krakens. And mouths, seemingly, as a sort Lovecraftian flair. So many hungry mouths.

Mayday will come bundled with the Devastation DLC pack to release April 3rd on Xbox Live with other platforms to follow. Equally morbidly-titled content is sure to fill out the four-part series. For more specifics, follow the link here.