New trailer unveiled for The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 – ‘A Crooked Mile’

Telltale Games has released a trailer for the third episode of The Wolf Among Us, ‘A Crooked Mile.’ This trailer contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for the previous two episodes, so don’t watch it unless you have played them/don’t care/hate surprises and intrigue.

No release date has been given for ‘A Crooked Mile‘ as of yet, so stay tuned to @telltalegames on Twitter to find out release dates for the console, PC/Mac, and iOS versions of the DLC.

A Crooked Mile‘ will be available digitally on the 360 and PS3 for $4.99 or as part of the $15 Season Pass. PC/Mac users can also get the third episode as part of the Season Pass, while iOS users can own it as part of a season multi-pack, or for $4.99 individually as an in-app purchase.

As always, visit The Wolf Among Us website for more information. I have yet to play any of The Wolf Among Us episodes, but they look SO GOOD.

Plus I can play as Lon Chaney Jr.

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