Survival horror Daylight delayed

For those of you excited for Zombie Studio’s upcoming survival horror title Daylight, you’ll be left waiting in the dark for a few more weeks.

According to Zombie Studio’s the title has been pushed back because of the development of it’s procedural generated environments.  To sum it up, the game play in Daylight randomly generates through each play through. This effects both the threats players will face and the layout of the environment. Zombie Studio’s has said that no two experiences with Daylight will be the same which I assume will make for many more scares.

If we weren’t already too attached to our cell phones.

For those unfamiliar with Daylight it is a survivor horror game, which means no weapons and little chances to fight back so run for your life. Players wake up in an abandoned hospital with only a cell phone to illuminate their paths. The only way to escape the hospital is to explore the past of the hospital, which I am sure is no easy task.

Players will not have to wait too long since Daylight will arrive on both PS4 and PC on April 29, only 21 days later than it’s original release date. When that day comes players will be left to exploring a creepy hospital and unraveling secrets they probably did not want to know.

This delay does not come without good news, luckily for PS+ subscribers the game will be available for a 33 percent discount. PC users will not be left out on the savings either, because if they pre-order Daylight they will receive a 33 percent discount as well.

For more information you can visit Zombie Studio’s website.