The Elder Scrolls Online introduces Craglorn, Imperial Edition account upgrades

With The Elder Scrolls Online hitting the interwebs last week, some of us have already gotten a great taste of what this MMO has in store for us. This EIC only pre-ordered the Standard Edition, so my time in game has been in Early Access (during which we had a few server outages), followed by a one or two good nights of gaming… in which I have had an awesome time playing.

Therefore, the game is only technically 4 days old, and already Zenimax and Bethesda have some new content already in the hopper. The first Adventure Zone, Craglorn, will introduce a new storyline along with new challenges for 4- and 12-player groups.

Lucky for us, they also posted a sneak peak video with more details, which you can find below. To read more about Craglorn, or to get some more info on ESO, head over to

Also for those of you who pre-ordered the Standard Edition, and decided you love the game already, there is an option for you to upgrade your game to the Imperial Edition. For $20, you can get all this content added to your account, which includes the ability to play as an Imperial, craft Imperial items, and ride a sweet Imperial horse. You can find all the info on upgrading your account at