Elder Scrolls Online new content could sway players

It’s been talked about on countless blogs, forums and even the comment sections of dozens of websites, yet there still is no clear answer: is Elder Scrolls Online worth its hefty price tag? ESO’s new content Craglorn could give players a peek at whether the MMO’s current business model will sustain or break.


If you are not acquainted with the true cost of playing ESO here it is: the game costs $60 while there is a monthly $15 subscription fee which totals out to about $240 for the first year. If you have any recollection of World of Warcraft then you are aware of the subscription model, however it is a model that many MMOs just cannot sustain. This has been debated and talked about before the game’s release just last week and the question, though it may be subjective, has been danced around.

Zenimax and Bethesda defend their current model because of the significant content developers will be creating for the game. The first piece of significant content to hit ESO is Craglorn, which is a new adventure zone geared towards higher leveled players.

Craglorn will do two things: one of them is determine if the content developer’s claim is worthy of the MMO’s hefty price tag is indeed worth it. By doing this Craglorn will give players and those still on the fence a chance to see their money in action. Secondly, Craglorn is said to be launching later this month, a time when many of the MMO’s current players’ trial periods will be coming to a close. Will players whose trials are up be enticed to keep playing ESO or will they walk away?

ESO is a great title but one of the things that has come up in most every review or praise of the game is its price. Although gaming is not necessarily a privilege but a luxury, it’s a bit disheartening to see a game with so much potential close out fans of the series because of its outdated business model. For more information you can check out ESO’s website.