One man indie Guild of Dungeoneering looks to reverse engineer the rogue


Gambrinous is a one-man indie game studio run by Colm Larkin, who is indeed, that one man. Based out of Dublin, the studio just released its first trailer for their upcoming title Guild of Dungeoneering.

From the trailer, we get a good sense of what the game entails, and Larkin’s sense of humor. You will be engineering the dungeon that your hero will be exploring, placing the treasures and monsters for him to find as he meanders. Guiding your hero to victory is key, and drawing the dungeon out for him in a way that gives him the best odds of survival will take some strategy.

GoD is currently in alpha, but is looking to release in mid-to-late 2014 on PC and Mac. The game is also currently on Steam Greenlight for voting. It also appears there will be some sort of port to mobile devices, which from the looks of the trailer, would work great on a touch screen.