Secrets of Raetikon comes to PC

For those of you who like simpler games with amazing art direction, here’s a game for you. The third game from developer Broken Rules, Secrets of Rætikon is a breathtaking 2D exploration title. Throughout the single player campaign, players control a small bird in the Alps mountain range as they solve puzzles and interact with objects in a fully-realised physics-based environment. In addition to the full-fledged story, there will also be a level editor, allowing players to enjoy user-generated levels, as well as upload their own.

Much like Journey, the story is told as you go solve puzzles and discover hidden runes, which flesh out the rich history of the Raetic people. In an official statement, Broken Rules states:

“We wanted to create a game with high replay value and thus the AI and physics are the pillars the gameplay rests upon. Every animal has a distinct behaviour and all of them react to each other. Every bush can be uprooted and every branch torn out. The game is a story-based sandbox in an open world. And there is in fact a hidden gravity gun.”

Secrets of Rætikon launches April 17th, 2014 for Windows, Mac and Linux, and is currently available through Steam Early Access.