Sony causes hysteria with H1Z1

Sony Online Entertainment executive John Smedley had the attention of many this week when he announced the reveal of a new game via Twitter on April 8. After a day of anticipation SOE revealed an upcoming survival based MMO called H1Z1.


The tweets were vague and all people really had to go on was the vague picture above and the title H1Z1, which sounds like a combination of zombies and swine flu. It didn’t take the internet too long to figure out the game would revolve around zombies and it only took a few hours before people began referencing the popular survival horror game Day Z.

Sony’s H1Z1 is actually a free to play MMO which takes place in a world where a virus H1Z1 has infected and destroyed most of humanity. Those left alive are left to fight against the infected to survive. Similar to Day Z and the popular comic and tv show The Walking Dead , it is the uninfected who pose the biggest threat.

Sony seems to have pulled ideas from games like Day Z, Rust and even Minecraft because H1Z1 features crafting, scavenging, a range of weapons and the creation of shelters. According to Smedley there will also be no leveling or upgradeable skills, which seem to be a standard in most MMOs.

One of the things that caught my eye the most was how the game entices players to be pyromaniacs. Players will be able to wield and light fires, which will probably make holding up in a base more dangerous than roaming the world.

H1Z1 is to be released on PC first though Smedley vaguely teased a PS4 release while on the GamerTalkLive livestream. While there is no official release date it is speculated that players will be able to get an early access-like beta for H1Z1 in the upcoming weeks. Until then you can check out H1Z1’s website.