NES Remix 2 to get ‘Championship Mode,’ releasing April 25th on Wii U

Nintendo has announced a sequel to their downloadable game NES Remix. Aptly titled NES Remix 2, which must have taken marketing weeks to come up with, the title will launch April 25th on the Nintendo eShop, with a bonus for those gamers who also own the original NES Remix.

Players who own both Remixes will unlock a special ‘Championship Mode,’ inspired by the iconic Nintendo World Championship event which took place in the US in 1990. Gamers must attempt to achieve the highest cumulative score in three specific games using a multiplier-based scoring system in ‘Championship Mode,’ and they can post their scores to Miiverse to compete with friends and complete strangers. The three games that comprise the ‘Championship Mode’ are Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and Dr. Mario.

Like the original NES Remix, NES Remix 2 is basically a whole bunch of old NES games mixed together in a blender of madness. Challenges and modified stages that feature new elements not found on your ancient CRT television keep the titles feeling fresh and not dated. Some titles featured in NES Remix 2 include Kid Icarus, Kirby’s Adventure, and Metroid (I absolutely adore Kirby’s Adventure and own it on my 3DS in stunning 3D).

More information on the retro title for the Wii U can be found on its website. There is a debut trailer for NES Remix 2 below, which mentions Super Luigi Bros. (it looks like the original Super Mario Bros. in reverse with a high jumping Luigi, which I am all over like nobody’s business).

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