GOG.com hosts Battle of the Games promotion

GOG.com has launched its Battle of the Games promo, wherein players can vote for which games they want to be discounted. Steam users should be familiar with this method, as it’s not too different from what Valve did with their most recent winter sale. Voters have the choice between two sets of three games, and the trio they select will be discounted at 75% off the usual price, with the games that do not win will still be 60%, making everyone a winner.

To get things started, The Witcher, The Witcher 2, Blackguards Special Edition, and the first three Heroes of Might and Magic titles have been marked down between 50% and 80%. Each deal will last for 24 hours (with new deals starting at 1AM GMT) until April 21, 9:59 AM GMT.

To vote and take advantage of these deals, head over to www.gog.com/gamerumble.