Dragon Fin Soup when alcoholism meets fairytale

Of all the ingredients you can put in soup I would have never thought dragon would be one of them but Grimm Bros studios have proved me wrong. The studio has successfully raised and surpassed their Kickstarter goal for their indie title Dragon Fin Soup.

The title pulls from classic fairy tales and traditional RPG’s to create its world, which takes place on the back of a giant turtle god creature. So far the main character appears to be Red Robin, an alcoholic with serious anger issues who is also suffering from memory loss. Red Robin is essentially a toughed up Little Red Riding Hood who I doubt takes goodies to grandma. Players will take control of Red Robin and will wander into the world to unravel it’s mysteries and hopefully Red Robin’s memories.

Every hero makes time for fishing

The game is a turn-based RPG with an emphasis on dungeon crawling and exploration. The game also features different modes such as survival mode which features permadeaths, monsters, and of course, high score rankings. What is interesting is that Dragon Fin Soup features procedurally generated content which lends a bit of surprise to each playthrough by changing enemies, item drops and layouts.

Dragon Fin Soup will be released on PC, PS3, PS4 and Playstation Vita later this year. If promises of twisted fairy tales and god like turtles are your thing you can find out more information about Dragon Fin Soup here.