Details revealed for The Last of Us: Grounded Bundle DLC

The final DLC pack for The Last of Us will be arriving sometime soon, and will include a whole bunch of singleplayer and mutliplayer goodness, as well as new trophies.

The “Grounded Bundle” will include an all-new “Grounded” difficulty, which Naughty Dog says “might be one of the most difficult trophies you’ll lever earn”. Also included are 4 multiplayer maps, 4 weapons, and 8 skills (split into two skill packs). Naughty Dog has also stated that all players will be receiving a new weapon for free called the “Full-Auto Rifle”.

The entire “Grounded Bundle”, which includes all of the above content, will be included in the Season Pass, which can be purchased for $19.99. If buying the Season Pass isn’t really your cup of tea, then the map, weapons, and skill packs can be purchased for $9.99, $5.99, and $3.99 (each pack) respectively.

No release date has been given for this DLC, but Naughty Dog will be demoing it through a live stream on their Twitch channel on April 18th. More info can be found at the official PS blog post.

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