Risen 3 releases CGI teaser

Ah Risen, we know ye barely. German developer Piranha Bytes first installment in the series was admired by many critics, it’s difficulty and depth alienated American audiences. Their pirate-themed Risen 2: Dark Waters tried to entice newcomers by taking a more accessible approach, only to be decried for abandoning what was best about the original. And so here we sit, with Risen 3: Titan Lords cresting the hilltop, ready for a heroic charge toward the American playerbase. They’ve gone so far, learned so much. I salute them.

And the trailer’s nifty too! Short, of course, but meant to illustrate the desperate action that sets the series apart from it’s peers. For a title that’s basically a more open-world Dark Souls in terms of grit and difficulty it’s surprising it never took off here. But maybe it will. Maybe these twenty-five seconds will be enough! Piranha Bytes promises a world full of “rugged charm” where every decision matters, though the specifics are still murky. If all this sounds enticing then you can head to their website here.