Tropico 5 Special Edition and Steam pre-purchase announced


Tropico 5 is nearly here, and I personally love ruling my subjects as El Presidente in this island empire building sim. I am sure many of you sunk a lot of time into Tropico 4, so surely you must be ready for the next addition to the Tropico series. Kalypso has announced a Special Edition box of Tropico 5, and has also announced that those who pre-purchase the game on Steam will receive a nice 10% discount.

So what is this Special Edition, El Presidente? It includes a snazzy avatar costume for your Presidente, as well as the ‘Bayo de Olfacto’ map for sandbox mode. You will also receive an authentic Tropico passport and postcard deigned by Penultimo, El Presidente’s trusted advisor.These are all available to those who pre-order or purchase the physical copy on launch day in the US on June 3rd.

For those who will pre-purchase on Steam, you too will receive a special costume, entitled ‘Businessman’, as well as a sandbox mode map called ‘Isla de Vapor’. Kalypso will also be rolling out additional bonuses that will correlate with the total number of pre-purchases through Steam. They are almost halfway to the Tier 1 reward, which is a free copy of Tropico 4! Head over to the Steam store page for more info on the bonuses and pre-purchasing. The digital version will be out on May 23rd.

Kalypso is also offering a pre-purchase through their own Kalypso Launcher at 15% off.

In conjunction with today’s reveals, their is also a new trailer posted called ‘The Eras’ posted to the Kalypso YouTube channel, which you can also check out below. It gives us a nice peak at what you can expect from the gameplay.