Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call sets the stage later this year on the 3DS

Square Enix has announced that their latest rhythm-based FF title, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call, will hit the Nintendo 3DS later this year in North America.

This image alone has convinced me to buy 10 copies

Rendered in a miniature, “so cute it hurts” art style, Curtain Call will feature over 200 songs and 60 playable characters from the FF series, spanning from Final Fantasy Tactics to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Relive happy memories as you tap your way through key Final Fantasy events, field themes, and battle arrangements.

Ichiro Hazama, producer of Curtain Call, had this to share about the upcoming title:

“Music is an integral part of Final Fantasy. As with the previous title, we wanted to shine the spotlight on that music for fans to re-experience their favorite moments from across the entire Final Fantasy catalog.”

I can't wait to kill this jerk with the power of MUSIC

Gamers can look forward to the following features once Curtain Call releases:

Versus Battle Mode – challenge your friends and strangers to a dance-off.

Quest Medley Mode – choose between short, medium, or long quests and tap away to music from the vast collection of Final Fantasy titles. These quests you choose to embark on can also be shared with buddies.

New Characters – familiar faces make their debut in the Theatrhythm series, including Barret from FF VII and Yuna from FF X-2 (so Hot Pants Yuna instead of Summoner Yuna). Characters from spin-offs also pop up, like Benjamin from Mystic Quest (really?), Ramza from Tactics, and Zack from Crisis Core.

Collecta Crystarium – successful completion of songs and battles will reward your characters with Collecta Cards that boost their stats.

Check out an announcement trailer below, and more details on the game at its website. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call will retail for $39.99. Anyone feeling the rhythm with this one?

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