Soul Calibur: Lost Swords out today exclusively on PS3; Taki makes her triumphant return

Remember that free-to-play Soul Calibur title we reported on previously? It finally released today on the PS3 through the PlayStation Network, and look who is joining the eclectic cast of characters:


Yes, Taki has returned to the Soul Calibur series. Returning as a character who has unarmed and armed skills, demon huntress abilities, and blacksmithing abilities, Taki is sure to keep players happy as they get to know her in Lost Swords.

Also announced today were details regarding how characters rotate in the game. Initially gamers will have access to only three fighters, Mitsurugi, Sophitia, and Siegfried, and will unlock new fighters by completing quests. Ivy and Taki will be the next fighters available as quests are completed, with more following.

Check out a trailer for Taki below, where she is know as “She who seals off evil,” which is amazingly badass. More info on the single-player only experience can be found here. Anyone downloading Soul Calibur: Lost Swords today, or do you prefer your fighting games multiplayer?

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