New free update adding previously format-exclusive missions incoming for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Konami has announced that a free key update is hitting Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes next week that unlocks previously format-exclusive elements to all users.

Snake's future is so bright, he has to wear goggles

Available May 1st, PS3 and PS4 users will get a chance to play the previously Xbox-exclusive Jamais-Vu mission, which sees gamers take control of Raiden in the Ground Zeroes containment camp. Raiden must investigate an alleged alien incursion without having his trusty katana blade to rely on. Dubbed “Snatchers,” a reference to Kojima’s own Snatcher videogame, these aliens are disguised as human guards, so Raiden must use the iDroid app or binoculars to see their irregular X-Rays. Raiden must take them out while simultaneously avoiding capture.

On the other side of the coin, 360 and Xbox One users will get the previously PlayStation-exclusive MGS1 Déjà-Vu mission. This mission sees players take on the role of Snake as the operation visually references key events from the original PSX classic and tasks the user with reproducing famous scenes from Metal Gear Solid. As gamers recreate these scenes, the game reproduces the reduced polygon graphical style of MGS to make things authentic (I can’t wait to see Snake’s complete lack of facial features again).

One final addition to the update improves display items and menu aberration. Personally, both of these missions sound like a lot of fun, and I am glad to see exclusivity discarded so more gamers have access to a title’s complete package.

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