C2E2 2014: Modulate by polycrime is looking to modulate your brain



I had a chance over this past weekend at the Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo to play a demo of polycrime’s Modulate, a Portal-eque first-person puzzler. The game appears to be heavily inspired by Valve, as it starts off with you arriving via tram for your advanced training (Half-Life?), where you are directed by the Placeholder to the training facility. You are immediately subject to the games first obstacle and mechanic, which I assume is called modulation. Basically, you switch on and off the existence of puzzle elements via the press of a button. So the gray walls that blocked my way disappeared, and were replaced with fractals that I could easily run through.

Eventually, you are greeted with more complex puzzles that will test your meddle and ability to modulate the environment on the fly. I was being launched towards a wall that I had to click off right before I hit it and modulate back so I could catch myself on a suspended platform that had just previously disappeared upon the first modulation. Sound confusing enough? Check out the trailer below to get a better idea of what I mean.

I had a lot of fun playing for the short time I could. The graphical style is really aesthetically pleasing, as polycrime says via their blog that the art style is inspired by “System Shock 2 and Notch’s canceled 0x10c“. It will be interesting to see how this game progresses, because there does appear to be an underlying story here that I didn’t get to really get into during my playthrough.

Modulate is set to hit Steam, from which it was Greenlit back in December of 2013, and Wii U in 2015. Talking with one of the polycrime developers Caleb Cohoon, it looks as though they are also in talks with Sony at the moment to possibly bring the game to PlayStation as well.

For more info on Modulate and polycrime, head over to their website @ www.polycrime.com.